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The perfect start of autumn by Matt-Payne


The perfect start of autumn by Matt-Payne


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Pi Phis on Tumblr, I need your help!

I am an alum of New Mexico Alpha at the University of New Mexico. My sister, roommate of 3 years, and dear friend Lauren McBride was in a serious car accident on July 24th. She was in the ICU until August 8th, and now is in Neuro at UNMH. She broke her hip, and sustained pretty serious head trauma. We’re so proud of her for how far she’s come- and she has a bed waiting for her at Craig Hospital in Denver, where she has a place in a program that will be so helpful to her. However, we’re unsure if her insurance will cover all of this. 

There are multiple ways we can help Lauren: through her Give Forward Campaign, A Jamberry Nails online sale, and through a Stella & Dot online sale. Lauren has always given so much to Pi Beta Phi  and it’s time to give back to her during her time of need. 

Lauren embodies everything I love about being a Pi Phi. She is fiercely loyal- A wonderful friend and sister. She is giving- having served on Panhellenic as a Rho Gamma while she was an active- and is involved in the alum club in Albuquerque. She is fiery, passionate about everything she does, and has an amazing sense of humor.

All of Lauren’s friends, sisters, and family would appreciate it if you would take the time to share her story and how to help with your Chapters. Every little bit counts, whether it’s prayers, good thoughts, or donations. 

Pi Phi Love and especially mine, 


Here is a link to a flyer about Lauren:

You can donate via:

Jamberry Nails (all sales proceeds donated to Lauren):

Helping our Friend Lauren McBride - Google Docs

My dear friend and college roommate Lauren was in a serious car accident at the end of July. She’s just now been released from the ICU and is now a patient in Neuro. They are considering sending her to an amazing hospital in Denver that specializes in brain injury and physical therapy. She currently has a broken hip, broken ribs, and other issues. She is doing such an amazing job at recovering, but her medical costs are mounting daily. Every dollar helps her, so please spread the word and give what you can. It means so much to Lauren, her family, and me if you’d consider helping. Lauren is one of the most spunky people I know, and I cannot wait until her sass and positive spirit lights up my life again. 

There are two ways you can help Lauren- An online jewelry sale through this link:

And a Give Forward Campaign through this link: 


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